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Regular Teaching Assignments

Instructional Endeavors: Experience

My mother was a 4th grade teacher for 40 years in the Huntsville, AL City School System and at an early age instilled in me a love for education. When we were young, she would bring me and my brother to her class before the semester started and had us help her straighten up the room. We would clean the desks, put them in rows and help her with her bulletin boards. When I went off to college, she would ask me to come to her class on our winter break and talk with her students about Theatre and have them read play scripts. She made sure that my brother and I learned the value of an education and that we took time to give back.

I can only assume that through those opportunities, I got bit by the teaching bug. Ever since then, I have firmly had one foot in practicing the art of Theatre and one foot in education. The classroom is a place that I feel at home. From my teachers, I was taught that it is a place to share knowledge but to also ask questions-to deeply explore the foundations of principles while staying curious about unknown possibilities.  That is the type of classroom that I strive to create.

While teaching at the University of Montevallo, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing knowledge and techniques with my students. Their interest in becoming unique and individual artists is refreshing in an industry that many times looks to copy trends and homogenize. It is a large part of why I chose to work at the University of Montevallo and my students are great about asking questions and remaining curious. They continually challenge me to stay on top of how to best serve them.

Instructional Endeavors: Text
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